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Pet Cocare

Mobile design

Team of Five
January 2014 - May 2014
Role: UI Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping


Managing pets usually takes a great amount of work, involving repetitive tasks such as feeding, cleaning, bathing, exercising, and collaborating with the veterinarians and other caretakers. Pet Cocare (originally named Pet Files) is a mobile application that assists pet owners with their day-to-day tasks of pet caring. The app allows its users keep profiles of their pets, set reminders for tasks to do, keep a pet diary, and share profiles & to-do list with other caretakers.


Feature 1 - Profile

Present a dashboard of pet's basic information and dynamic updates based on pet's intraday schedule.

Feature 2 - To-do List

Helps pet owners from remembering important vet appointments to setting up routine schedule for their pets, such as feeding, bathing, etc.

Feature 3 - Journal

Keeps all great memories of the users with their pets in one place. Great time should leave its traces.

Feature 4 - Care Share

Leverages concept of cloud computing, providing users a cooperate environment to better take care of their pets cooperatively. The app keeps Profiles and To-do list information of all its lovely pet customers in the cloud, so that their owners may share and manipulate these information with each other or with other temporary caretakers. The feature helps avoid pet owners giving their pets either scarce or excess of care.


Pet Cocare was my senior capstone project, completed in a team of five, which includes three designers and two developers. All team members were University of Washington iSchool students. As the UI/UX designer on the team, I contributed in the areas listed below:

  • Interviewed and conducted survey with pet owners to learn potential user's needs
  • Designed user work chart and wireframes
  • Created a responsive high-fidelity prototype with POP (a rapid prototyping tool)
  • Gathered user feedback through user testing for iterative design modification and refinement
  • Delivered poster presentation in the iSchool Capstone Event at University of Washington