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Mobile design, ios, medical product

Individual Project
January 2015 - April 2015
Role: Interaction Designer & Prototyper


It's easy for people taking medications regularly to miss a dose or take the wrong dose by accident. People also tend to adjust doses without the consent from the doctor. Failing to take medicines in the proper way could negatively impact on one's health and even result in quite fearful consequences. As a survey by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists estimated, "approximately one-third of the older adults take eight or more medications each day". And the elders usually have bad memories. Care givers, such as the adult children in the family, are taking more responsibilities to take care of the elders. However, due to remote distances, absence because of work, etc., care from these care givers is oftentimes lagging.

Current Solution

Currently, there are pill dispensing devices in the market, which rely on both audio and visual alerts to remind the users to take medicines in time. Some devices also lock up other cells to make sure only the right cell can be accessed by the user at certain time.

People who care about the patients are still being left out during the process.


Target Audiences


My project aimed at providing additional services to care givers. I created the Persona Elena Baldwin, who was a particular kind of care giver. Her work had already drained too much of her energy. She called her parents couple times a week to make sure they have taken medications on time, but sometimes, she was just as forgetful as the old couple. Also, memorizing dosage and names of medicines were such headaches. She would like to be informed of any missed pills, updated medicines and emergencies happening to her parents with less efforts but more efficiency.


1. Elena add Mr. Baldwin to her care receiver list on Traklear. One day, she got an alert said Mr. Baldwin forgot to take his pills; so she called her father to remind him. Elena left the notification on till another alert prompted up saying her father had taken the pills.

2. Emergency happened to Mrs. Mary Baldwin. Elena, at work far away from home, got notification with precise location of Mrs. Baldwin and directly dials 911. Elena was also kept informed when Mrs. Baldwin was on the ambulance. She sent Mrs. Baldwin's profile on Traklear as a PDF document through email to the medical staff on the ambulance, so that effective treatment was given even before the ambulance got to the hospital.

3. After the treatment, Dr. Watson helped Mrs. Baldwin change the medicines for Mrs. Baldwin according to her new circumstance. Elena updated the medicines for Mrs. Baldwin on Traklear app and synced with the dispenser device.

Scenario-based APP Wireframing

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

User Interviews

In order to collect some quick feedbacks from the potential users, a linear interactive prototype (click this link to interact) was created using InVision. Two users were involved in the interview process (names and background are kept confidential), both of whom were college students (one Master and one Ph.D). As a whole, the APP was considered useful for care givers. The functionalities of the app met both interviewees' basic needs, and one of them mentioned that the profile report function would be greatly helpful if there really was an emergency happening. Also, they found the navigation and flow of the APP were clear to follow when they were asked to do the following benchmark tasks with the prototype:

Benchmark Tasks

Task 1 - Add Brent Baldwin as a new care receiver.

Task 2 - View Brent Baldwin's profile just created.

Task 3 - Emergency happened, navigate to Mary Baldwin's profile and send her report to medical staff, and go back to profile list page.

Task 4 - Add a new medicine (Medicine 4) into the item list for Mary Baldwin to replace the old medicine that's currently in use (Medicine 3). Delete Medicine 3.

Task 5 - Sync the new items list with the Traklear pill dispenser.

Task 6 - An alert prompts up, saying Brent Baldwin missed a pill 30 minutes ago, go check it.

Task 7 - Text Brent Baldwin first. Since he did not reply, call him.

Task 8 - Navigate from Notification page to the Settings page.

Feedbacks & Design Implications

1. "Adding a new item to the alphabetical list of medicines is easy. But if I'd need to edit dose of one medicine for a specific care receiver (say two care receivers both take this medicine), I will have a problem."

Implication: Instead of listing a mixture of medications taken by different care receivers all at one place, the app should categorize the medications by care receivers.

2. "Remembering names of the medications can be so much pain. Any mistake made when editing a medication could cause disaster. I hope the app can be more scrupulous than myself and catch any mistake.

Implications: The app should not expect the user to remember names of the medications. It should provide the user with visual cues of the medication to ease the editing process and lessen the burden on memory.

3. Syncing information between the doctor and the care giver would be a helpful feature, so that neither the care receivers or givers would ever worry about adding wrong information into the system. New medicines could be entered directly by the doctor or at least, the doctor could supervise the process.

Pill Dispenser Display

In order to design for the full experience, I also spent some time wireframed the UI for physical pill dispenser device and made a prototype with Axure.

Logo Design

In order to design for the full experience, I also spent some time wireframed the UI for physical pill dispenser device and made a prototype with Axure.


Traklear adds values to the current medicine dispensing devices in the market, by providing additional services to care givers through a mobile application. With the app, they may be notified when their care receivers miss a pill, view the medicines the care receivers currently in use and medical history,

Be notified when their care receivers miss a pill,
View the medicines the care receivers currently in use and medical history,
Assist care receivers to seek help the first time around when emergency happens,
Provide professional and accurate medical information and history to first aid giver/doctors